Gym and Fitness Equipment Repair Service 1441Fitness is home to a team of highly qualified skilled technicians who take care of repairing, servicing and maintenance for your fitness or gym equipment such as Treadmills, Elliptical Bikes, Exercise Cycles, Rowing Machines, Functional Trainers, Foosball Tables and a lot more!

Commercial gym equipment requires a lot of professional maintenance. If you own a fitness club, you might employ a third-party company or the manufacturer's engineer to repair your equipment. However, in the long run, it will definitely add to the increasing costs and pose a huge array of problems down the line.

Hence you should use our gym equipment repair and or maintenance services to have specific machines serviced at specific times so they don't add to your repair bills in the future. As a result, the overall cost of maintaining your gym equipment will be spread out and reduced by a huge margin.

1441Fitness not only boasts some of the leading brands and best equipment in all of UAE but also provides top notch peripheral services so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere.

We are one of the leading Gym Equipment Maintenance Companies in Dubai and in all of the Middle East. We provide full-service solutions to well-known Manufacturers and Retailers in the UAE.

Our services include:
● Equipment Repair for your old equipment that may have been damaged due to the natural wear and tear of time,
● Preventive Maintenance which includes Scheduled check-ups and maintenance to make sure they don’t get damaged easily,
● Extra Parts for if any particular parts are damaged and are in need of a replacement and
● Assembly & Disassembly for and after purchase of the equipment.
We understand that Treadmill repair and or other gym equipment repair and can be a huge hassle and so we do our best to identify the problems you are facing and remove it from the root so they don’t add to your damages.

Our treadmill repair Dubai includes in treadmill repair in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and more. We also provide sports equipment repair which includes treadmill services and exercise equipment assembly along with exercise equipment repair.

Brands We Undertake At 1441Fitness we have years of experience working with some of the leading and most technologically advanced brands that are propelling the advancement of the Fitness industry. We are proud to house the following brands:
● NordicTrack
● ProForm
● Matrix
● Adidas
● Reebok Fitness
● Kettler
● Spirit Fitness
● Concept2
● Bowflex
● Weider
● Impulse
● Strength Master
● York Fitness
● BH Fitness
● Nautilus
● Sole Fitness
● Xebex
● Axox
● Life Fitness
● Cybex
And many more...

Annual Maintenance & Servicing Our unique team of Technical Engineers provides top-notch servicing, repair, and maintenance to keep your exercise equipment running, fit, and healthy all year round.

Our Annual Maintenance Program is the most comprehensive maintenance program in the business. It has been designed to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently, as well as to cut down on the number of repairs you have to make.

Even though your equipment is protected under the manufacturer's warranty, it is highly advisable to have a Service Agreement for maintenance from the start. A Service Agreement assures that any repairs that are needed are taken care of.

All the equipment comes with a manufacturer-suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be carried out from the day you receive your equipment. 1441Fitness gym equipment repair and maintenance services include a personalized maintenance program tailored to your individual equipment and demands. Home gym installation, treadmill belt repair, treadmill installation, treadmill maintenance, and treadmill motor repair are all services we provide. Treadmill upkeep has never been so simple. We also take care of your gym equipment setup and maintenance on a regular basis.

How Will It Benefit Your Facility? A regular servicing of your equipment will ensure that you empty your pockets trying to conduct repairs over the years. A timely and scheduled maintenance can allow for the following benefits:
● Lower repair costs on older equipment so you can use them for a longer time or even resell them for a good deal.
● Equipment lifespan is greatly increased which means more utility in the long run.
● Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability which is a must-have when opting to use any sort of electrical equipment.
● Higher client retention which implies an increase in your overall customer base.
● A greater return on investment in the long run from dealing with low-risk healthy machinery.
Annual Maintenance Visit During each Annual Maintenance Visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will have their exterior and interior thoroughly cleaned, inspected for safety, lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist is conduced upon competition that will take care of all repairs so you don’t lose utility of your machine.
Annual Service Checklist Listed below are the 20 points to be considered for a detailed maintenance carried out on all annual service visits:
• Remove the covers and vacuum the interiors.
• Clean the motors, vents, and circuit boards off all dirt and debris.
• Take a look at the wire harness and connectors.
• Remove all chains, bearings, bushings, rollers, pulleys, and pivots and clean them thoroughly.
• Check the condition of the alternators (wherever applicable).
• Inspect all driving belts, chains, and cables for wear and alignment.
• For treadmills, align and tighten the walking belt.
• Apply lubricant to the belt and deck.
• Thoroughly examine all bearings and bushes for any signs of wear and tear.
• Inspect the motor commutator and brushes for wear and tear (clean motor commutator wherever applicable).
• Inspect all other components for signs of wear and tear.
• Tighten any slack in the crank arms, belts, or pulleys.
• Diagnose elevation sensors and, if necessary, take corrective action.
• Evaluate drive systems and grease drive assemblies.
• Examine the machine's performance and function.
• Use a polish/sealer to clean the outside.
• Conduct amp/friction tests on belts and decks to assess wear and tear.
• Make sure the speed sensors are clean and in good working order.
• Complete the motor, crank, and roller bearings audible check.
Service Resolution
At ProsportsAEs, we provide one-of-a-kind repair and maintenance services for your treadmill, exercise cycle, elliptical, multi gym machines, rowing machine, and other fitness equipment.
The best solutions for the fitness and repair of your equipment are provided by highly qualified and experienced technical professionals. At all times, we keep the customer's needs in mind and provide the finest solution for a range of needs.

We are one of the leading Fitness Equipment and Gym Equipment Suppliers in the UAE, with a dedicated team for fitness and cardio equipment servicing, maintenance, and repair.

Gym Equipment Maintenance Advice Make sure to double check all bars, handles and pulleys to ensure the cables are fixed properly on them and no elements are coming lose. Check all cables to make sure the coating is present and that none of them are unraveled. If you find one, replace it immediately so it does not incur any more damage.

Spare Parts Availability We also issue spare parts for any and all Sports and Gym related Fitness Equipment. Any spare parts to be changed will be charged extra.

Treadmill Maintenance Advice • Use a moist cloth to wipe the side rails and any visible area of the walking/running surface or deck once a week. Dirt and grime adhere to the treadmill deck and walking belt like glue.
• Make it a point to use your treadmill without anyone else once a month. Make sure the running belt is in the middle. If it isn't, it should be changed. (Instructions for belt alignment/adjustment can be found in your Refer to the owner's handbook for a detailed set of instructions.)
• Run the treadmill at full speed once a month to clear out any dust or grime that has accumulated.
• At least once a month, check for enough lubrication under the walking belt and on the deck.
• Make a note to take out the cover of the motor and thoroughly vaccum it every 4 to 6 months. Short circuits can occur when dirt and dust accumulate on the motors and electronic components.
• Be sure to turn off the mains while doing this procedure.

Elliptical & Bike Maintenance Advice
• The ramps should be wiped down once a week with a damp cloth.
• Inspect the wheels thoroughly to ensure that no foreign objects have been placed in them.
• Make sure all of the bolts are tight and that your machine is level.

Connect with us Our technicians are certified and trained to work on a wide selection of gym equipment. As a result, regardless of the brand you choose, you can get our service.
Our professionals will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to collect your problems and provide immediate solutions. Our repair services facility is quick and affordable for people of all tax brackets.

We have an impeccable record till date where no customer has questioned the accuracy of our service or been dissatisfied with our work.
Our goal is to provide authentic and top-notch services to ensure complete client satisfaction.
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