1441 Fitness Premium Performance Tower

Dhs. 4,500.00 Dhs. 6,999.00 -36% عن

1441 Fitness Premium Performance Tower

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1441 Fitness

Dhs. 4,500.00 Dhs. 6,999.00 -36% عن

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Product Description

Elevate your strength training routine with the 1441 Fitness Premium Performance Tower. This single-station cable machine is designed to engage multiple muscle groups, providing a comprehensive workout experience that targets the upper body, core, and lower back muscles.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Upper Body Training: The Premium Performance Tower is perfect for engaging upper body muscles such as your lats and traps. It allows for a variety of exercises that target these muscle groups, helping you build strength and muscle mass.
  • Core and Lower Back Strengthening: In addition to upper body workouts, this cable machine also strengthens your core and lower back muscles. Improved core strength enhances stability and overall functional fitness.
  • Muscle Mass Increase: Regular use of the Performance Tower can lead to increased muscle mass, making it an essential tool for those looking to build a more muscular physique.
  • Improved Stability: By engaging multiple muscle groups, this machine helps improve your overall stability, which is crucial for both athletic performance and everyday activities.


  • Comprehensive Workout: Engage your lats, traps, core, and lower back muscles with a single machine, providing a full-body workout experience.
  • Enhanced Muscle Strength: Build and tone your muscles effectively, resulting in increased strength and muscle mass.
  • Improved Stability and Core Strength: Strengthen your core and lower back, enhancing your overall stability and functional fitness.
  • Versatile Exercise Options: The cable machine allows for a wide range of exercises, making it a versatile addition to any fitness routine.


  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Material: High-quality, durable construction designed to withstand rigorous use.

Upgrade your fitness regimen with the 1441 Fitness Premium Performance Tower. Experience the benefits of comprehensive upper body, core, and lower back training, all with a single, versatile machine. Achieve your fitness goals and build a stronger, more stable physique with this professional-grade equipment.