1441 Fitness Premium Series Treadmill - 41FX8600P

Dhs. 7,499.00 Dhs. 7,799.00 -4% عن

1441 Fitness Premium Series Treadmill - 41FX8600P

1441 Fitness

Dhs. 7,499.00 Dhs. 7,799.00 -4% عن


Handrail with anti-static design, mobile phone wireless charging, etc. At the same time, the 41FX8600 Plus also supports the optional Android system console.


Rubber-wrapped Handrails

● It effectively prevents static electricity caused by the use environment or seasonal factors. Which improves the user's experience in getting on and off the treadmill and during the training.

Wireless Charging Support
● Removed the bottle cage in front of the original console and replaced it with the corner of the handrail. The mobile phone area is reserved and equipped with wireless charging function.

Optional Android System Support 
● The Android system touch screen is equipped with modern smart devices such as USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., connecting to the Internet to explore infinite possibilities.


 Dimension: 2180*910*1530 mm

Warranty Details:

  • Machine Warranty : 2 Years
  • Upholstery : 6 Months
  • Frame : 5 Years Warranty
  • No Of Free Service : 2 times in 1st Year