Powder Coated Cast Iron KettleBell - 4 to 40 kg
Description : Kettlebells are an extremely effective training tool for improving your overall fitness and toning and sculpting your body. Kettlebells are effective in the way that they work every part of your body and every single muscle, including your...
Dhs. 120.00 from Dhs. 60.00
Clubbell for Strength Training - 2 kg to 15 KG
Features: Shoulder strength and flexibility: Club training ensures you work your shoulders using their full range of motion, thus providing more complete shoulder strength and flexibility. If you’re involved in any sport that requires strong, flexible shoulders (and elbows too) like...
Dhs. 150.00 from Dhs. 100.00
Premium - 3 in 1 Foam Plyometric Box (Plyobox)
Made of ultra-dense PE foam that is firm enough to perform multiple plyometric movements yet soft to provide a secured jump box platform protecting joints on jumps.The thick, durable vinyl cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after...
Dhs. 1,398.00 Dhs. 699.00
Wall Ball (1Kg to 15Kg) for Crossfit Exercises - 1441Fitness
Description : The Wall Ball is a versatile and effective training tool, excellent for cultivating speed and explosiveness through a wide variety of movements. It comes with enough padding to be received at high velocity, while maintaining an even weight...
Dhs. 300.00 from Dhs. 79.20
1441 Fitness Super Tier - 41FC51
Description : if you want to get fit, this machine is for you! The Indoor Tire Flipping Machine from Titan Fitness lets you achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine.  this compact machine packs a bunch....
Dhs. 1,800.00
1441 Fitness Indoor Trampoline - 41FWG246
Features :  Keep fit with jumping &balancing exercises. Easy to assemble with included instructions. Made from solid metal construction, sturdy and durable. Safety padding that covers the springs. Safe and convenient with its foldaway construction. Easy to assemble in a...
Dhs. 350.00 Dhs. 252.00
1441 Fitness Ab Roller Abdominal wheel - 41FWG176
Features :  SAFE & DURABLE – The wheel is made out of PP (Polypropylene), which is semi rigid, tough material, with good fatigue, heat and stress-cracking resistance. The handles consist of a single solid Stainless Steel bar for safety and...
Dhs. 70.00 Dhs. 40.00
1441 Fitness Fit Bag for crossfit training - 5 to 25 KG
Description : 1441 Fitness Fit Bag provides a quick warm-up before your training. Its grip variations and ease of storage makes the fit bag an excellent tool for fitness and ski training that you can carry from place to place without a...
Dhs. 300.00 from Dhs. 90.00
Steel Macebell for strength Training (4 Kg to 12 Kg)
Description : The Macebells are a new design of an ancient martial art training weaponry.The sleek design is made for Power movements such as: swings, presses, squats, cleans and holds. They're made of a durable solid steel with black powder...
Dhs. 250.00 from Dhs. 190.00
-50% Sold Out
4 in 1 Adjustable Plyo Box
Dhs. 2,998.00 Dhs. 1,499.00
4 in 1 Adjustable Plyo Box
Features : Perfectly aids in your balance training workout Features four varying sizes that perfectly matches different body sizes (15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm), Protects against injury whilst remaining firm enough for all exercises. - Double stitched vinyl upholstery. Durable soft foam...
Dhs. 2,998.00 Dhs. 1,499.00
-31% Sold Out
Lebert Fitness Parallettes Push Up Dip Stand "Frank Medrano Series" (12''H x 25''L x 16''W) - Chrome
The Frank Medrano Signature Series Chrome Parallettes are an essential piece of equipment for any bodyweight strength training exercises and workouts. Increase muscle stamina, build shoulder and core strength while also reducing risk of wrist strain. With its solid iron construction and...
Dhs. 433.55 Dhs. 299.00
1441 Fitness Speed Jumping Rope
Dhs. 75.00 Dhs. 50.00
1441 Fitness Speed Jumping Rope
Features : The rope turns fast and smooth, which is required in cross-fit and speed sports. The grip is comfortable even when your palms sweat. Dual-end functional handles allow you to have a comfortable grip to perform your desired exercises....
Dhs. 75.00 Dhs. 50.00
Climbing Rope 20 Feet/6 Meter
Dhs. 417.00 Dhs. 250.00
Climbing Rope 20 Feet/6 Meter
Climbing Ropes have always been one of the most popular and standard equipment requests for overall improvement of physical fitness and muscle tone, particularly for upper arms and shoulders. Extremely popular training apparatus for strength, grip and arm coordination skills...
Dhs. 417.00 Dhs. 250.00
Battle Rope 9 Mtr to 15 Mtr
Dhs. 350.00 from Dhs. 139.50
Battle Rope 9 Mtr to 15 Mtr
Description : The Battling Rope is made through a special double-braiding process that creates an soft and extremely strong rope. They are built to withstand rigorous use and will last for years to come. They are very comfortable to hold...
Dhs. 350.00 from Dhs. 139.50
Lebert Fitness Equalizer Frank Medrano Signature Series (34'' x 21.75'' x 18'') XXL - Matte Black
Description :  FRANK MEDRANO first got into calisthenics when he jumped onto a pull-up bar one day and decided to try out a few bodyweight exercises. He loved the feeling he got from pulling himself up. He felt an amazing rush...
Dhs. 723.55 Dhs. 499.00
3 IN 1 Wooden Plyo Box Small in Size - (12'' x 11'' x 16'' Inches)
Features: Note: This is a small wooden plyo box for beginners (Size: 12'' x 11'' x 16'' Inches) This Box is durable, stable, easy to use & assemble, which is a perfect choice for gym center with numerous users and ideal...
Dhs. 450.00 Dhs. 199.00
-47% Sold Out
Balance Trainer 58 CM
Dhs. 760.00 Dhs. 400.00
Balance Trainer 58 CM
Features : Reshape your body Tone & strengthen Increase balance & agility Enhance movement capabilities Improve flexibility Latex-free, burst-resistant material Specifications :   Holds up to 113.40 kg (250 lb) Weighs 6.2 kg (12 lb) Measures 50 cm diam x 17.8 cm...
Dhs. 760.00 Dhs. 400.00
Parallettes Push Up and Dip Stand - Sold as Pair
Description : These heavy-duty parallete help you perform a wide variety of challenging upper-body exercises and are ideal for cross-fit and parallel bar training. The U-shape design handles are 36 high for a deep range of motion and versatility. They...
Dhs. 252.00
Fit Bag for crossfit training - 5 to 25 KG
Description :  1441 Fitness it Bag provides a quick warm-up before your training. Its grip variations and ease of storage make the Fit Bag an excellent tool for fitness and ski training that you can carry from place to place without a problem....
from Dhs. 165.00
-61% Sold Out
APUS Poland Wooden Gymnastic Ring - Sold as Pair
Description : Our Wooden Gymnastic Rings will work well for all types of suspension trainings. Their durability and slip resistance ensures precise movements. They are a universal piece of equipment that every gym should have. Using one’s own body weight...
Dhs. 385.00 Dhs. 150.00
1441 Fitness Push up Brackets - 41FWG177
Features :  The pushup bars are Slip resistant, your arm wont slip when performing the push-up exercise The Push-up bar handles foam Absorbs sweat and are comfortable Perfect for upper body training Can be used at home or at the...
Dhs. 80.00 Dhs. 50.00
1441 Fitness Parallets Bar - 41FWG186
Features :  FITNESS EQUALIZER DIPPING STAND - The Kobo Fitness Dip Bar is tested to support up to 180 kg of user body weight. LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Perfect for home and commercial gyms, great for crossfit, judo, fat loss,...
Dhs. 450.00 Dhs. 299.00
1441 Fitness Jordan Bar - 41FWG193
Description :  Weight bars are suitable for use in studio classes, personal training or circuit training. Various exercises like lunges, squats, sit-ups or upper body programs can be realized with the Fit Bar Features :  bars with foam cover solid...
from Dhs. 63.00
1441 Fitness Six side Trampoline with Handle - 41FWG247
Features :  Professional Fitness Trampoline : This mini rebound hexagon-shaped trampoline with an elastic band design, instead of spring, noise reduced and elasticity enhanced while workout. Great for yoga, fitness sports training, weight loss, cardio. The perfect tool for increasing...
Dhs. 500.00 Dhs. 340.00
1441 Fitness Pro Grip Slam Ball (2 to 20 KG)
Build explosive strength and power with this no-bounce weighted slam ball Why this Slam Ball over others? To begin with, it’s the perfect tool for cross fit, core strength, circuit and functional training. It also makes an excellent addition to...
Dhs. 79.00 from Dhs. 45.00
1441 Fitness Medipull Rope (Sold as Pair) - 41FLF42
Features: YOUR PERSONAL HOME GYM – Got no time to head down to your local gym every day? With this set of resistance bands, you can enjoy a full body workout without even stepping out of your home. TRAIN DIFFERENT...
Dhs. 390.00 Dhs. 300.00
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