1441 Fitness Premium Series Back Extension -41FU3031A

Dhs. 5,499.00 Dhs. 6,699.00 -18% OFF

1441 Fitness Premium Series Back Extension -41FU3031A

1441 Fitness

Dhs. 5,499.00 Dhs. 6,699.00 -18% OFF


1441 Fitness 41FU3031A Back Extension have a walk-in design with adjustable back rollers, allowing the exerciser to freely choose the range of motion. The widened waist pad provides comfortable and excellent support throughout the entire range of motion. The entire device also inherits the advantages of the Galaxy Series, simple lever principle, excellent sports experience.


Extra Handrail 
● To provide effective exercise, the rubber-wrapped extra armrests further help the user stabilize the body position, avoiding the use of other body parts to reduce the training effect, and do not forget to carry out reasonable anti-skid and cushioning treatments.

Elevated Footrest
● To ensure proper knee/hip alignment and back stabilization, the footrest is positioned to elevate the user's knees to the correct angle.

Resistance Design
● The movement arm is designed to ensure that a smooth resistance is felt through the entire range of motion, eliminating common dead spots found in similar machines.


● Dimensions: 1300x1000x1500mm
● Weight Stack: 110 kg

Warranty Details:

  • Machine Warranty : 2 Years
  • Upholstery : 6 Months
  • Frame : 5 Years Warranty
  • No Of Free Service : 2 times in 1st Year